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Airline Code B6
Airline Name Jet Blue Airways
Baggage 2.95 The number of mishandled-baggage reports per 1,000 passengers
Fleet Age 3.20 The average age of operating fleet in Years
Denied Boarding 0.01 The number of passengers who hold confirmed reservations that are denied boarding per 10,000 passengers
Complaints 0.46 The number of complaints filed in writing, by telephone, via email, or in person per 100,000 enplanements
Intangibles 5.00 A qualitative rating, between 0.00 and 10.00, based upon industry awards and other factors
URL http://www.jetblue.com
The flight rank score comprises: on-time performance of departure airport; on-time performance of the specific flight; on-time performance of arrival airport; number of lost baggage reports; number of customer complaints; and number of denied boardings (i.e. bumpings)

Aiports Served

Borinquen, PR
Buffalo Niagra Intl, NY
Burlington Intl, VT
Columbus International Airport, OH
Douglas Municipal, NC
Dulles International Airport, DC
Ft Lauderdale Hwd Intl, FL
Greater Pittsburgh Airport, PA
Hollywood-Burbank Midpoint, CA
Jacksonville International, FL
Kennedy International Airport, NY
La Guardia Airport, NY
Logan International, MA
Long Beach Daugherty Field, CA
Louis Armstrong International Airport, LA
Luis Munoz Marin Intl, PR
Mc Carran Intl, NV
Mercedita, PR
Nashville Metropolitan, TN
Newark Liberty International, NJ
O Hare Airport, IL
Oakland Internl.--Midpoint, CA
Ontario Internl.--Midpoint, CA
Orlando International, FL
Palm Beach International, FL
Portland Intl Jetport, ME
Portland Intl, OR
Raleigh Durham, NC
Regional Airport, FL
Richard Elelyn Byrd Intl, VA
Robert Mueller Municipal, TX
Rochester Monroe County, NY
Sacramento Metropolitan Apt, CA
Salt Lake City Intl, UT
San Diego Intl Lindbergh Fld, CA
San Francisco Intl--Midpoint
San Jose Muni--Midpoint, CA
Sarasota Bradenton, FL
Seattle, WA
Sky Harbor International, AZ
Stapleton International, CO
Stewart, NY
Syracuse Hancock Intl, NY
Tampa International Airport, FL
Tucson International, AZ
Westchester County, NY
William P Hobby Airport, TX

Flight Numbers

B61 B61 B610 B6100 B61001 B61002 B61003 B61004 B61005 B61007 B61008 B61009 B61010 B61011 B61012 B61014 B61016 B61017 B61018 B61019 B61020 B61021 B61022 B61023 B61024 B61026 B61030 B61031 B61043 B61044 B61045 B61046 B61047 B61048 B6105 B61050 B61051 B61052 B61053 B61056 B61057 B6106 B61060 B61061 B61062 B61065 B61068 B61069 B61069 B61070 B61072 B61073 B61075 B61076 B61079 B61080 B61081 B61082 B61083 B61084 B61085 B61086 B61087 B6109 B61090 B61093 B61094 B61097 B61098 B61099 B611 B6110 B61100 B61102 B61103 B61105 B61106 B61107 B61108 B61109 B61117 B61118 B61119 B6112 B61120 B61121 B61122 B61123 B61124 B61125 B61126 B61133 B61134 B61135 B61136 B6114 B61147 B61148 B61149 B6115 B61150 B6116 B6117 B6118 B6119 B612 B6120 B61200 B61203 B61205 B61206 B6121 B61210 B61211 B61218 B61219 B61223 B61224 B61230 B61231 B61234 B61235 B61241 B61242 B61246 B61249 B6125 B61250 B61251 B61252 B61253 B61254 B61255 B61256 B61257 B61259 B6126 B61260 B61263 B61264 B61265 B61266 B6127 B6128 B61280 B61281 B61282 B61289 B61290 B61293 B61294 B61295 B61297 B61298 B61300 B61301 B61302 B61303 B61304 B61307 B61308 B61309 B6131 B61310 B61315 B6132 B6133 B6134 B6135 B6137 B6138 B6139 B6139 B614 B6140 B6141 B6142 B6143 B61430 B61431 B6145 B6147 B6148 B615 B6153 B6154 B616 B61600 B61601 B61603 B61604 B61605 B61608 B61609 B61610 B6165 B6166 B6167 B6170 B6171 B6172 B6173 B61731 B6174 B6177 B6178 B6179 B6180 B61800 B61801 B61802 B61803 B6181 B6182 B6185 B6186 B6187 B61886 B61887 B61888 B61889 B619 B619 B61900 B61902 B6192 B6193 B6193 B6194 B6194 B6195 B6196 B6197 B6198 B61988 B6199 B62 B620 B620 B6200 B6202 B6202 B6204 B6209 B621 B6210 B6212 B6215 B6216 B6217 B622 B6221 B623 B623 B6230 B6231 B6232 B6233 B6234 B6235 B624 B6241 B6242 B6243 B6243 B6244 B6245 B6246 B6247 B6248 B6249 B625 B6250 B6253 B6256 B626 B6262 B6263 B6264 B6265 B627 B627 B627 B6270 B6271 B6278 B628 B6281 B6284 B6285 B6286 B6288 B6289 B629 B6290 B6291 B63 B630 B6300 B6301 B6302 B6303 B6304 B6305 B6308 B6308 B6308 B6308 B6309 B6309 B631 B6311 B6312 B6315 B6316 B6317 B6318 B6319 B6319 B632 B632 B6321 B6323 B6324 B633 B6331 B6334 B6337 B6338 B634 B6345 B6346 B6347 B6348 B635 B6350 B6351 B6352 B6353 B6354 B6357 B6358 B6358 B6359 B6359 B636 B6362 B6363 B6364 B6369 B637 B637 B6370 B6371 B6372 B6372 B6375 B6376 B6377 B6377 B6378 B638 B6381 B6382 B6383 B639 B6395 B6396 B64 B640 B641 B641 B6411 B6412 B6420 B6421 B6422 B6425 B6426 B6427 B6428 B6429 B643 B643 B6430 B6431 B6432 B6433 B6434 B6435 B6436 B6437 B6438 B6439 B644 B6440 B6441 B6443 B6444 B6447 B6448 B6449 B645 B645 B6450 B6451 B6452 B6453 B6454 B6455 B6456 B6457 B6458 B6459 B646 B6460 B6461 B6462 B6464 B6465 B6466 B6467 B6468 B6469 B647 B6470 B6471 B6476 B6477 B648 B6481 B6482 B6483 B6484 B6488 B6489 B649 B6490 B6491 B6497 B6498 B65 B650 B6501 B6502 B6504 B6505 B6506 B6509 B651 B651 B651 B6510 B6511 B6512 B6515 B652 B652 B6520 B6521 B6522 B6523 B6524 B6525 B6526 B6527 B6528 B6529 B653 B6534 B6537 B654 B654 B6540 B6543 B6544 B6545 B6547 B655 B6552 B6553 B6554 B6555 B6556 B6558 B656 B6562 B6563 B6566 B6569 B657 B6575 B6576 B6577 B6578 B658 B6580 B6581 B6581 B6583 B6584 B6585 B6585 B6586 B6587 B6588 B659 B659 B6591 B6596 B6597 B6597 B6598 B66 B660 B661 B6610 B6610 B6611 B6611 B6612 B6612 B6615 B6616 B6619 B662 B6620 B6620 B6623 B6624 B6625 B6626 B6629 B663 B6637 B6638 B664 B6640 B6640 B6641 B6641 B6644 B6647 B6648 B6649 B665 B666 B666 B6660 B6661 B6662 B6663 B667 B667 B6673 B6674 B668 B668 B669 B669 B67 B670 B6701 B6702 B6703 B6704 B6705 B6706 B6707 B6708 B671 B6711 B6713 B6714 B6715 B6716 B6718 B672 B6723 B6724 B6727 B6728 B673 B6735 B6736 B6739 B674 B674 B6740 B6743 B6744 B6744 B6745 B6746 B6749 B675 B6750 B6759 B676 B6760 B6763 B6764 B6767 B6768 B677 B678 B679 B68 B68 B680 B6802 B6803 B6806 B6807 B6808 B6809 B681 B6810 B6811 B6812 B6815 B6817 B6818 B6820 B6821 B6822 B6823 B6824 B6825 B6826 B6829 B683 B6830 B6831 B6832 B6834 B6835 B6836 B6837 B6838 B684 B6840 B6841 B6842 B6843 B6844 B6845 B6849 B6850 B6851 B6852 B6854 B6855 B6855 B6856 B6857 B6858 B686 B6861 B6862 B6863 B6864 B6865 B6866 B6867 B687 B687 B6870 B6870 B6871 B6872 B6872 B6873 B6874 B6875 B6875 B6876 B6877 B6877 B6878 B6878 B688 B6881 B6884 B689 B6890 B69 B690 B69001 B69002 B69004 B69006 B69008 B69009 B6903 B6904 B6907 B6908 B691 B6915 B6915 B6916 B6917 B6918 B6919 B692 B6931 B6931 B6934 B6937 B6938 B695 B696 B697 B698 B699
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