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This page lists all aiports beginning with A.

Andakombe, Papua New Guinea (ADC) > Andakombe, Papua New Guinea
Andamooka, Australia (ADO) > Andamooka, Australia
Anderson Afb, TT (UAM) > Anderson Afb, TT
Anderson County, SC (AND) > Anderson County, SC
Anderson Field, WA (QQO) > Anderson Field, WA
Anderson Muni, IN (AID) > Anderson Muni, IN
Andes, Colombia (ADN) > Andes, Colombia
Andoya, Norway (ANX) > Andoya, Norway
Andravida, Greece (AAH) > Andravida, Greece
Andrews Afb/Naf, MD (ADW) > Andrews Afb/Naf, MD
Andrews Afb/Naf, MD (NSF) > Andrews Afb/Naf, MD
Andrews Co, TX (AWX) > Andrews Co, TX
Andriamena, Madagascar (WAD) > Andriamena, Madagascar
Andros Town, Bahamas (ASD) > Andros Town, Bahamas
Anegada, V.I., British Virgin Islands-UK (NGD) > Anegada, V.I., British Virgin Islands-UK
Anfa Airport, Morocco (CAS) > Anfa Airport, Morocco
Angel Fire, NM (AXX) > Angel Fire, NM
Angelholm Airport, Sweden (AGH) > Angelholm Airport, Sweden
Angelina Co, TX (LFK) > Angelina Co, TX
Anglet, France (BIQ) > Anglet, France
Angoon Spb, AK (AGN) > Angoon Spb, AK
Angoram- Agg, Papua New Guinea (AGG) > Angoram- Agg, Papua New Guinea
Aniak, AK (ANI) > Aniak, AK
Aniakchak, AK (VZP) > Aniakchak, AK
Animas Air Park, CO (AMK) > Animas Air Park, CO
Anita Bay, AK (AIB) > Anita Bay, AK
Anjouan/Ouani, Comoro Islands (AJN) > Anjouan/Ouani, Comoro Islands
Ann Arbor Muni, MI (ARB) > Ann Arbor Muni, MI
Annaba, Algeria (AAE) > Annaba, Algeria
Annecy/Meythet, France (NCY) > Annecy/Meythet, France
Annette Island, AK (ANN) > Annette Island, AK
Annex Creek, AK (FQE) > Annex Creek, AK
Anniston/Calhoun County, AL (ANB) > Anniston/Calhoun County, AL
Anta Huaraz, Peru (ATA) > Anta Huaraz, Peru
Antalaha/Antsirabato, Madagascar (ANM) > Antalaha/Antsirabato, Madagascar
Antalya, Turkey (AYT) > Antalya, Turkey
Antananarivo, Madagascar (TNR) > Antananarivo, Madagascar
Anthony Lagoon, Australia (AYL) > Anthony Lagoon, Australia
Antlers Municipal, OK (ATE) > Antlers Municipal, OK
Antonio Enes, Mozambique (ANO) > Antonio Enes, Mozambique
Antonio Maceo, Cuba (SCU) > Antonio Maceo, Cuba
Antonio/Nery/Juarbe Pol, PR (ARE) > Antonio/Nery/Juarbe Pol, PR
Antwerp/Deurne, Belgium (ANR) > Antwerp/Deurne, Belgium
Anvik, AK (ANV) > Anvik, AK
Aomori, Japan (AOJ) > Aomori, Japan
Apalachicola Municipal, FL (AAF) > Apalachicola Municipal, FL
Aparri, Philippines (APR) > Aparri, Philippines
Apartado, Colombia (APO) > Apartado, Colombia
Apataki, French Polynesia (APK) > Apataki, French Polynesia
Apatzingan New, Mexico (AZG) > Apatzingan New, Mexico
Apiay, Colombia (VVC) > Apiay, Colombia
Apolo, Bolivia (APB) > Apolo, Bolivia
Appache Heliport, MN (JRC) > Appache Heliport, MN
Aracatuba, Br., Brazil (ARU) > Aracatuba, Br., Brazil
Arad, Romania (ARW) > Arad, Romania
Aragarcas, Brazil (ARS) > Aragarcas, Brazil
Aragip, Papua New Guinea (ARP) > Aragip, Papua New Guinea
Aramac, Australia (AXC) > Aramac, Australia
Aransas Co, TX (RKP) > Aransas Co, TX
Arapahoe County, CO (APA) > Arapahoe County, CO
Arar, Saudi Arabia (RAE) > Arar, Saudi Arabia
Ararat, Australia (ARY) > Ararat, Australia
Araslaya, Honduras (BHG) > Araslaya, Honduras
Arauquita, Colombia (ARQ) > Arauquita, Colombia
Araxa, Brazil (AAX) > Araxa, Brazil
Arba Mintch Ethiopia, Ethiopia (AMH) > Arba Mintch Ethiopia, Ethiopia
Arbatax Airport, Italy (TTB) > Arbatax Airport, Italy
Arcadia Municipal, Indonesia (ARD) > Arcadia Municipal, Indonesia
Arcadiana Regional, LA (ARA) > Arcadiana Regional, LA
Arcata/Eureka Airport, CA (ACV) > Arcata/Eureka Airport, CA
Ardmore Municipal, OK (ADM) > Ardmore Municipal, OK
Argolla, Chile (TTC) > Argolla, Chile
Ariquemes North, Brazil (AQM) > Ariquemes North, Brazil
Arkhangel'sk, Russia (European) (ARH) > Arkhangel'sk, Russia (European)
Arlanda Airport, Sweden (ARN) > Arlanda Airport, Sweden
Arley Lake, AK (A16) > Arley Lake, AK
Arlington Muni, TX (JZT) > Arlington Muni, TX
Arlington Municipal, WA (VWO) > Arlington Municipal, WA
Arlit, Niger (RLT) > Arlit, Niger
Armidale, Australia (ARM) > Armidale, Australia
Arnold As, TN (TUH) > Arnold As, TN
Arnos Vale, St. Vincent and North Grenadines (SVD) > Arnos Vale, St. Vincent and North Grenadines
Aroa, Papua New Guinea (AOA) > Aroa, Papua New Guinea
Aropa, Papua New Guinea (KIE) > Aropa, Papua New Guinea
Arrabury Station, Australia (AAB) > Arrabury Station, Australia
Arraias, Brazil (AAI) > Arraias, Brazil
Artesia Muni, NM (ATS) > Artesia Muni, NM
Arthur D. Little Heliport, MA (XXG) > Arthur D. Little Heliport, MA
Arthur N Neu, IA (CIN) > Arthur N Neu, IA
Arthurs Town, Bahamas (ATC) > Arthurs Town, Bahamas
Artigas, Uruguay (ATI) > Artigas, Uruguay
Arusha, Tanzania (ARK) > Arusha, Tanzania
Arvidsjaur, Sweden (AJR) > Arvidsjaur, Sweden
Asahikawa, Japan (AKJ) > Asahikawa, Japan
Asau W Sam, Western Samoa (AAU) > Asau W Sam, Western Samoa
Asbestos, Canada (YAF) > Asbestos, Canada
Asbury Park/Monmouth Co, NJ (ARX) > Asbury Park/Monmouth Co, NJ
Ascension Aux Af, St. Helena (ASI) > Ascension Aux Af, St. Helena
Ascension, Bolivia (ASC) > Ascension, Bolivia
Asela, Ethiopia (ALK) > Asela, Ethiopia

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