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This page lists all aiports beginning with A.

Ashburton, New Zealand (ASG) > Ashburton, New Zealand
Asheville Regional, NC (AVL) > Asheville Regional, NC
Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan (ASB) > Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan
Ashland Muni-Sumner Parker, OR (XXU) > Ashland Muni-Sumner Parker, OR
Ashley Municipal, ND (ASY) > Ashley Municipal, ND
Ashtabula County, OH (QNB) > Ashtabula County, OH
Ashtabula County, OH (JFN) > Ashtabula County, OH
Asosa, Ethiopia (ASO) > Asosa, Ethiopia
Aspen Pitkin Co Sardy Field, CO (ASE) > Aspen Pitkin Co Sardy Field, CO
Assab, Ethiopia (ASA) > Assab, Ethiopia
Astana/Tselinograd, Kazakhstan (TSE) > Astana/Tselinograd, Kazakhstan
Astrodomain Helipad (QAS) > Astrodomain Helipad
Astrodome, TX (JMA) > Astrodome, TX
Astroworld Heli. (QHI) > Astroworld Heli.
Asturias, Spain (WGW) > Asturias, Spain
Aswan, Arab Republic Of Egypt (ASW) > Aswan, Arab Republic Of Egypt
Atar, Mauritania (ATR) > Atar, Mauritania
Ataturk, Turkey (IST) > Ataturk, Turkey
Atbara Old, Sudan (ATB) > Atbara Old, Sudan
Athens Municipal, GA (AHN) > Athens Municipal, GA
Athinai, Greece (ATH) > Athinai, Greece
Ati, Chad (ATV) > Ati, Chad
Atikokan Municipal, Canada (YIB) > Atikokan Municipal, Canada
Atka, AK (AKB) > Atka, AK
Atkinson Muni, KS (PTS) > Atkinson Muni, KS
Atlanta Nas, GA (NCQ) > Atlanta Nas, GA
Atmautluak, AK (ATT) > Atmautluak, AK
Atqasuk, AK (ATK) > Atqasuk, AK
Atsugi, Japan (NJA) > Atsugi, Japan
Attawapiskat, Canada (YAT) > Attawapiskat, Canada
Atuona, Fr. Polynesia, French Polynesia (AUQ) > Atuona, Fr. Polynesia, French Polynesia
Aubenas, France (OBS) > Aubenas, France
Auburn Lewiston Municipal, ME (LEW) > Auburn Lewiston Municipal, ME
Auburn Muni, CA (AUN) > Auburn Muni, CA
Auburn/Opelika, AL (AUO) > Auburn/Opelika, AL
Auckland International, New Zealand (AKL) > Auckland International, New Zealand
Augsburg, Germany (AGB) > Augsburg, Germany
Augusta Airport, ME (AUG) > Augusta Airport, ME
Augusto Severo, Brazil (NAT) > Augusto Severo, Brazil
Augustus Downs Station, Australia (AUD) > Augustus Downs Station, Australia
Auki, Sol. Is., Solomon Islands (AKS) > Auki, Sol. Is., Solomon Islands
Aurangabad, India (IXU) > Aurangabad, India
Aurillac, France (AUR) > Aurillac, France
Aurora Municipal, IL (AUZ) > Aurora Municipal, IL
Aurora State, OR (FVO) > Aurora State, OR
Austin Muni, MN (AUM) > Austin Muni, MN
Austin, NV (ASQ) > Austin, NV
Austin/Straubel, WI (GRB) > Austin/Straubel, WI
Avalalava, Madagascar (HVA) > Avalalava, Madagascar
Avalon Bay Airport, CA (AVX) > Avalon Bay Airport, CA
Avalon, Australia (AVV) > Avalon, Australia
Avco, WA (WUQ) > Avco, WA
Avenger Field, TX (SWW) > Avenger Field, TX
Avi Suquilla, AZ (VWN) > Avi Suquilla, AZ
Aviano Afb, Italy (AVB) > Aviano Afb, Italy
Avignon France, France (AVN) > Avignon France, France
Avon Park Municipal, FL (AVO) > Avon Park Municipal, FL
Avra Valley Airport, AZ (AVW) > Avra Valley Airport, AZ
Avrille, France (ANE) > Avrille, France
Awar, Papua New Guinea (AWR) > Awar, Papua New Guinea
Awasa, Ethiopia (AWA) > Awasa, Ethiopia
Axum, Ethiopia (AXU) > Axum, Ethiopia
Ayacucho, Peru (AYP) > Ayacucho, Peru
Ayakulik River, AK (A28) > Ayakulik River, AK
Ayawasi, Indonesia (AYW) > Ayawasi, Indonesia
Ayers Rock, Australia (AYQ) > Ayers Rock, Australia
Ayr, Australia (AYR) > Ayr, Australia
Aztec Muni, NM (XWH) > Aztec Muni, NM

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