Flight UA87

Here is the FlightRank page for UA87, with information on flight status, times, arrival, departure and prices.

Flight Number UA87
United Airlines
Flight Rank 0.7911 (0.7911)
Departure Airport San Francisco Intl--Midpoint
Arrival Airport Los Angeles Intl.--Midpoint
Departure Airport OTP 75.87%
Arrival Airport OTP 75.92%
Flight OTP 75.00%
Airline Rating 86.44%
Departure Time (Local) 1748
Arrival Time (Local) 1911
The flight rank score comprises: on-time performance of departure airport; on-time performance of the specific flight; on-time performance of arrival airport; number of lost baggage reports; number of customer complaints; and number of denied boardings (i.e. bumpings)

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